Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is a document containing chemical hazard and safe handling information prepared in accordance with the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard

Chemical manufacturers and distributors must provide a SDS the first time a hazardous chemical/product is shipped to a facility. 

The location and availability of reference material on the hazards, safe handling, storage, and disposal of hazardous chemicals found in the laboratory including, but not limited to, Material Safety Data Sheets (now Safety Data Sheets) received from the chemical supplier must be made known to employees. Links to SDSs and other reference materials can be found on our web site:

SDSs should be reviewed for each chemical before the chemical is used.

Laboratory workers are responsible for planning and conducting each operation in accordance with University chemical hygiene procedures and for developing good personal chemical hygiene habits.

While students are not covered under the provisions of the OSHA Laboratory Standard, students should be made aware of chemical health and safety hazards in classroom situations, and should be provided with information and equipment to protect themselves from those hazards.  Departments should provide student training at the beginning of each course in which hazardous chemicals are used.  Specific safety instructions should be provided at the beginning of each class period.