XV. Dose Limits

A.        External Radiation Exposure Limits

Federal / State Limits - Maximum Permissible Occupational Exposure in a Restricted Area:

Applicable area of body

Rem Per Year

Whole body; head and trunk, active blood forming organs, gonads

5 rem (0.05 Sv)

Hands and forearms; feet and ankles

(Up to the elbow and/or knee)

50 rem (0.5 Sv)

Skin of whole body

50 rem (0.5 Sv)

Eye dose equivalent

15 rem (0.15 Sv)


B.        Exposure of Minors

Occupational exposure to any individual who is under the age of 18 is permitted only if their exposure is limited to less than 10% of the limits specified above.  For this reason, minors will not be employed as full-time radiation workers. 

C.        Pregnant Worker Exposure Limits

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and the State of S.C. require instruction of women radiation workers in the hazards associated with radioactive materials and radiation; and, in the precautions and safety measures to be followed to minimize radiation exposure.  The limit for external radiation exposure to pregnant workers is :  **500 millirem for the entire gestation period**

It is the responsibility of each women working with radioactive materials or with radiation producing equipment to notify in writing both her immediate supervisor and the Radiation Safety Officer as soon as she is aware of her pregnancy.


NOTE:  For further information on radiation exposure during pregnancy see the guide at the end of part one of this manual and contact the Radiation Safety Officer.