VII. Transfer of Radioactive Source Material

A.        Title - A regulations require that an official record be maintained for each transfer of radioactive source material between licensees.

1. As the original holder of the source material to be transferred, the University will verify that the prospective recipient of the transfer is licensed by an “agreement state” or by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to possess the specific nuclide and in the quantity and physical form in question. 

B.        Sharing of Source Materials 

University policy requires that Responsible Investigators maintain a record for each transfer of source material between users.  The transfer will be documented on the “radioactive material transfer form” (see attachments).  Several investigators may wish to share quantities of source material as a matter of convenience or as a cost cutting measure.

The steps below will be followed in order to meet the regulatory requirement for recording a transfer of radioactive material from one Responsible Investigator to another. 

1.         The RI who takes receipt of the original shipment of radioactive material will log into his source "use / inventory record" (see attachments) the following:

a. The serialized shipment number of the original shipment (from the R.S.O. shipment receipt log)

b. Nuclide and total activity

c. Date of receipt or transfer

2.         A "Rad Material Transfer Form" (see attachments) will be completed for each aliquot of source material being transferred.  The signed original of the form will be retained and a copy provided to each RI who receives the transferred source material.

3.         The transfer form will list the following:

a. Original shipment number

b. The total activity of the nuclide transferred

c. Name and / or authorization number of the other party to the transfer in the "comments" column of the "Use / Inventory Form"

d. The date the transfer took place