X. Transporting and Storage

A.        Transporting

Radioactive materials should be "doubly-contained" when in transit in order to help prevent and contain any leakage.  Radioactive material will not be left unattended during transport.  Notify the R.S.O. any time rad material with a dose rate of 50 mR/hr at 1" from the object is to be moved outside the controlled area.

B.        Storage

Radioactive materials will not be left unattended in places where unauthorized persons may handle or remove them.  Food and beverages shall not be stored in the same place as radioactive material (e.g., the same refrigerator).  Use a plastic box or other secondary container for items in storage.

1.         All radioactive material will be stored in such a manner that the dose rates at the posted boundary of the area or 12" from the surface of any container is <2 mR/hr.


NOTE:  Loss or theft of radioactive material must be reported immediately to the Radiation Safety Officer.