I. Purpose and II. General Rules


This policy is designed to ensure that all radioactive wastes generated under the university’s radioactive materials license(s) are properly accounted for and safely handled. Implementation of these practices and procedures will promote the University's compliance with applicable state and federal regulations governing the processing, packaging, storage and disposal of radioactive waste.



A.        Responsibilities

The Responsible Investigator will assure that each individual user under his/her supervision is informed in the proper practices and procedures for the handling and packaging of radioactive waste.  The use of radioactive materials, the handling, packaging, storage and the ultimate disposal of radioactive wastes is strictly regulated by S.C. DHEC and the U.S. NRC.

1.         It is necessary for laboratory personnel to segregate radioactive waste into appropriate categories, and additionally it is important that some types of waste not be inter-mixed.  Failure to properly package the waste could lead to spills, unnecessary exposure, fines for regulatory infractions, and in a worst case, to an embargo of waste shipments from Clemson University.

B.        Waste minimization

The disposal of radioactive waste at a commercial burial facility is very expensive.  Work involving radioactive materials should be pre-planned and practiced in order to minimize the volume of waste generated.  Care must be exercised to separate radioactive waste from non-radioactive waste as it is generated.