Nice Catch Tiger

Nice Catch, Tiger! is a program to share close calls and near misses in order to alert others and improve safety awareness in research labs, teaching labs and workshop areas across all campus locations.  This APP can be easily used by students, faculty and staff to share their experiences with the Office of Research Safety to help improve the safety culture at Clemson University.

Nice Catch Tiger! app Download:

  1. The Nice Catch Tiger! app can be downloaded using the following link: Visit  The link must be accessed using the mobile device ( IPhone or IPAD) the app will be downloaded onto
  2. The user must have a valid Clemson login
  3. Select "Download"
  4. At the prompt in the mobile browser, choose "Install"
  5. Trust the app:
    • iOS < 9.1: Settings → General → Profiles → tap on the Profile → tap on Trust button
    • iOS > 9.2 < 10: Settings → General → Device Management → tap on the Profile → tap on Trust button
    • iOS 10: Go to Settings → General → Device Management → Clemson University (Ent) and trust the app
  6. The app should now load on the iOS device


If you have trouble installing the app, update to the latest version of iOS for your device.