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Community and Ethical Standards

Energy Conservation Policy

Clemson University's commitment to energy conservation was affirmed when President James F. Barker signed the American College & University President's Climate Commitment in 2007 to actively pursue energy initiatives to become carbon neutral. President Barker's leadership provides a strategic direction for our campus to find ways to minimize global warming emissions and to provide the knowledge and the educated graduates to achieve climate neutrality. Following President Barker's lead, the Administrative Council approved the Sustainable Energy Policy in 2008 that formalized our energy goals and energy initiatives for our campus. Our primary goal is to reduce our energy consumption per gross square foot of building space by 1% per year. Our long-term goal is reduce overall energy consumption by 20 percent by 2020.

Clemson plans to achieve these goals by promoting sustainable energy initiatives and proactively working with the campus community on conservation efforts. Energy conservation is the responsibility of all students, faculty and staff members. Clemson students have the potential for making the most significant impact on our energy demand. Clemson Facilities has an Energy Awareness website where students can learn energy conservation tips.

In addition, students can track Clemson's goal towards carbon neutrality. Students are encouraged to become active participants by making their pledge to use less energy and promote energy conservation. By taking the Energy Pledge, students promise to:

  • Adhere to the heating and cooling temperatures as set forth in our Sustainable Energy Policy
  • Turn off lights and use natural lighting if possible
  • Turn off office and lab equipment unless in use
  • Unplug office equipment when possible, especially at night and on weekends
  • Keep windows closed in conditioned space
  • Dress appropriately for season
  • Use hot water sparingly
  • Become knowledgeable about energy conservation
  • Recruit friends and family to conserve energy

Clemson University students must become environmentally aware of their activities and the subsequent energy demands imposed if they are to become exceptional global citizens with a moral responsibility to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Contact; University Facilities, 864-656-2186.

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