Student Activity Fee

  1. The Student Activity Fee of $40 per Fall and Spring semester per full-time undergraduate student and $4.00 per credit hour per semester per part time undergraduate student (including Maymester and summer sessions) as accorded by the Clemson University Board of Trustees shall be used for the provision of Clemson University student activities, and the following guidelines shall be followed regarding said fee monies:

    1. The Student Activity Fee collections shall be combined with Education and General funds allocated for the express purpose of providing for undergraduate student organizations and activities. These combined funds shall hereinafter be referred to as Activity Funds.

    2. The Clemson University Student Body, through its elected representatives of the Clemson University Student Government, shall have final control over the allocation of the Activity Funds. These allocations must receive final approval from the Vice President for Student Affairs in order to become effective.

    3. As accorded by the Clemson University Board of Trustees, a sum of $50,000.00 per fiscal year shall be appropriated from the Student Activity Funds for the purpose of capital improvements. The Undergraduate Student Senate shall make a recommendation, in the form of a general bill, by the last week of the regular session. Accounts will be closed at the recommendation of the Secretary, in the form of a general bill, with the approval of the Undergraduate Student Senate.

    4. The Committee on Finance and Procedures of Student Senate shall conduct a fee effectiveness assessment every other year. This assessment shall evaluate student sentiment concerning the activities provided by the fee. Findings of the Committee shall/be communicated to the Student Body and the Activity Fund Recipients.

    5. Excluding the appropriation for capital improvements, Activity Funds shall be distributed annually by the Student Government Student Activity Funding Board.

    6. The Student Activity Funding Board also reserves the right to consider proposed budgets for special activities from the departments within the Division of Student Affairs.

    7. The recommended allocations from the Student Activity Funding Board shall be included in Appropriations Bills and submitted to the Student Senate for approval.

    8. All Activity Funds shall be spent in accordance with the purchasing guidelines of all state agencies. Activity Fund Recipients shall be held accountable for all expenditures of Activity Funds.

    9. If the position is deemed necessary by Activity Fund Recipients, salaries for Graduate Assistants shall be included in the submitted budget.

    10. Activity Fund Recipients not complying with all rules and regulations in the allocation process and in spending allotted sums, shall be subject to a reduction and or loss of funding for the following year.