How To Write An Appeal Letter

If a student feels that extenuating circumstances contributed to the suspension or dismissal status, the student may write a letter to the Appeals Committee on Academic Eligibility explaining those circumstances and ask to be reinstated for enrollment. These meetings are closed to the public, so the student may not present his/her case in person to the committee.

The appeal letter needs to include:

1) Reasons for former academic difficulty — Were there personal or medical issues that prohibited the student from performing to his/her best academic ability? If so, these issues need to be documented (i.e. letter from doctor, counselor or Redfern Health Center). Does the student plan to change his/her major? If so, a letter of recommendation from that department needs to accompany the appeal letter stating that transfer into that major will be approved once the desired GPA level is reached.

2) Reasons why the student feels he/she can meet the degree requirements within a reasonable length of time (i.e. within two or three semesters).

3) A specific plan of action as to how the student will attain the GPA necessary for degree requirements (i.e. increase study hours, seek help of tutor, work with academic adviser to ascertain what courses remain for degree requirements).

Letters of recommendation are important.

The student should submit recommendation letters (at least one letter but no more than three) from their academic adviser and/or department faculty supporting his/her enrollment in that department or major. In addition, professors from whom the student has received A's and B's could write a recommendation letter. Students should NOT wait until the last week of school to pursue this as that would not give professors enough time to write the letter before the appeals committee meets. Students who have not been enrolled for a period of time and may no longer be in contact with Clemson University professors, should obtain a recommendation letter from their employer. If a student has been taking classes elsewhere, recommendation letters from professors at that institution may be sent to the appeals committee.

The letter should be as professional as possible.

All letters must be provided electronically in Word or .pdf format. Watch spelling, grammar and punctuation. Give a return address, email address, telephone number and Clemson University ID number.

Academic Eligibility Appeals Committee