Clemson University Sustainability Commission

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The Clemson University Commission on Sustainability was established in September of 2009 by President James Barker. In December of 2010, the commission released a draft of the University’s first comprehensive Sustainability Plan, acting as the basis for all sustainability practices at Clemson. The plan was filed in accordance with the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment, to which Clemson is a signatory. In 2018, a revised charter was adopted, and the commission became The Clemson University Sustainability Commission, and is the coordinating body for our efforts to become a model of sustainability among institutions. To creatively address sustainability, the commission facilitates collaboration among students, faculty, staff, and the community by integrating education, research, and public service with the social, economic, and environmental infrastructure. The commission meets once a month and meetings are open to all members of the University community; individuals interested in becoming involved are encouraged to attend.

Clemson University Commission on Sustainability Charter
Clemson University Commission on Sustainability Charter
AASHE Stars Report
AASHE Stars Report 

At a minimum, the CUSC will be composed of faculty, staff and students, and shall include the following:

  • a. Fellow(s) of the CUSC, to be appointed by the Provost. Caye Drapcho (CECAS); Vic Shelburne (CAFLS)
  • b. Endowed Chairs for Sustainability:
    • i. Thomas F. Hash ’69 Endowed Chair in Sustainable Development - Mark Johnson (CECAS)
    • ii. Glenn ’65 and Heather Hilliard Endowed Professorship in Environmental Sustainability. - Patrick McMillan (CAFLS)
    • iii. Margaret H. Lloyd Endowed Chair in Urban Ecology and Restoration. - Rob Baldwin (CAFLS) – Alan Johnson designee
  • c. Four faculty representatives as follows:
    • i. Faculty representatives shall be appointed by the CUSC Fellow(s) from the Faculty at Large. Preference will be given to faculty with demonstrated expertise in at least one of the three pillars (ecological, societal, and economic) of sustainability. Appointees may include Emeriti faculty. Appointees shall have a demonstrated knowledge, interest, and ability in the subject of sustainability. Current faculty participating in CUSC are: Nominees are: 2019 Geoff Zehnder (PES); 2019 – 20 Matt Hooley (English); 2019 – 20 Gerald Lehmacher (Physics); 2019 – 20 Pam Mack (History); 2020 – 21 Chris Kitchens (ChE) (representative-elect)
  • d. One representative from each of the following areas:
    • i. Division of Student Affairs, to be appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs (Almeda Jacks) - Jennifer Goree
    • ii. Public Service Activities, to be appointed by the Vice President for PSA (George Askew) - Jeff Allen
    • iii. Clemson Experimental Forest, to be appointed by the Vice President for PSA (George Askew) – Russ Hardee
    • iv. University Facilities Director of Recycling and Solid Waste or their representative (Tommy Fallaw) - Tommy Fallaw
    • v. University Facilities Director of Utilities or their representative (Tony Putnam) - Tony Putnam
    • vi. Athletics Department, to be appointed by the Director of Athletics (Dan Radakovich) - Joe Simon
    • vii. University Housing & Dining, to be appointed by the Executive Director of University Housing and Dining (Kathy Hobgood) - Reggie Hawthorne
    • viii. Procurement Services, Director of Procurement Services or their appointed representative (Mike Nebesky) - Mike Nebesky
    • ix. Parking and Transportation Services, Director of Parking and Transportation Services or their appointed representative (Dan Hofman) – Lydia Krause
    • x. Calhoun Fields, appointed by the Director of Research Farms (George Askew) – Brad Stancil
    • xi. University Planning & Design, to be appointed by Director of Planning and Design (Gerald VanderMey) - Barry Anderson
    • xii. Clemson Solid Green Chairman or representative (Dave Vandeventer) - Dave Vandeventer
    • xiii. Clemson University Human Resources (Emily Watross) - Emily Watross
  • e. Student representatives as follows:
    • i. Student representative from Solid Green Student Coalition appointed by Solid Green Student Coalition Chair (President) Summer Robinson
    • ii. Undergraduate Student Government Sustainability Director – Bryson Daniels
    • iii. Graduate Student Government Secretary of Sustainability - Erik L Sanchez Antonio
    • iv. Students for Environmental Action representative appointed by the President of Students for Environmental Action and/or representative from EcoReps as designated by Housing & Dining representative. - Lauren Hughes
  • f. Ex Officio Members
    • i. Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost or delegate(Bob Jones) - Phil Landreth
    • ii. Executive Vice President for Finance and Operations or delegate(Tony Wagner) - Lisa Knox
    • iii. Staff member from the Public Affairs Office appointed by Vice President for University Relations(Mark Land) - Heidi Coryell Williams
    • iv. Faculty/Staff member representing Clemson area community - Gary Gaulin
    • v. Others as needed (appointed by the Fellows CUSC)
Section 2: Service

The Fellows will be appointed or reappointed by the Provost on an annual basis. CUSC members shall serve for three-year terms and may be reappointed to successive terms. In the event of the removal, withdrawal or inability to serve as a member, a replacement for such member shall be chosen in the same manner as the member whom they are replacing and such replacement member shall serve out the balance of the unexpired term of the member they are replacing.