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Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business

Leadership Signature Program

Leadership Signature Program

Program Description

Leadership Signature Program

The Leadership Signature Program (LSP) is one of nine signature programs for the Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business. The signature programs are designed to distinguish Clemson business education as a destination school for students wanting to focus on business-critical competencies.

As the central component of the Leadership Signature Program (LSP), the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education (CHE) approved a Leadership Certificate in November 2021 to identify those who have completed all program requirements. The certificate will be prominently displayed on their academic transcripts.

This new Leadership Certificate is a 12-credit undergraduate certification available to business students seeking to develop their leadership capabilities, while also contributing to others' development. The academic certificate requirements involve six credits of traditional leadership-focused courses, plus six credits of experiential leadership development through a multi-semester, progressive leadership practicum. The one-credit per semester practicum is the cornerstone element of the flexible, three-year program. Students may enroll for one semester, as desired, and are not committed to the entire three-year certificate. Students are encouraged to pre-register for the Practicum in the spring of their first year.

Read student testimonials to see what our students are saying about the Leadership Signature Program!

You can also view our first Zoom information session held on Tuesday, April 5, 2022, to learn more about this new leadership development program.

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Leadership Values and Skills
Image DescriptionLeadership Values and Skills - Value: inspires desired behavior if instilled in a leader.
  • Responsibility to make a difference
  • Approachable, servant leader
  • Brave and trustworthy
  • Inclusive and collaborative team-builder
  • Cross-cultural, global citizenship
  • Data-driven decision-making and team-based problem solving
  • Continuous development mindset involving critical thinking
  • Measurable results and positive impact on others
Skill: learn and master through study and experience
  • Communication: listens, speaks, writes efficiently and effectively; advocates
  • Professional: adheres to standards, responsible/disciplined, objective/composed
  • Organizational: plans/coordinates, manages resources (time, $, human, physical)
Leadership Practicum
Image Description Leadership Signature Program Certificate Requirements
Academic (classroom)-Freshman-Pre-Business - Fall Certificate Intro and Spring Internship & Registration, Sophomore, Junior and Senior - 6 credits of leadership-focused courses. Experiential (Practicum)-Freshman-Pre-Business - Fall Certificate Intro and Spring Internship & Registration, Sophomore, Junior and Senior - Lead Self & Others (Participate), Lead Teams (Plan/Execute), Lead Leaders, Organizations & Change (Direct Events/Partnerships); 15-week "Business Plan" - 1 credit each for six semesters of progressive leadership activities.
Leadership Practicum
Image DescriptionLeadership Practicum - Organized as a student-led "company" - Mission: Cultivate mission-driven leaders charged with making a positive impact on the world. Typical company - 0-10% resources for Leadership Development. Our Company - 90-95% resources for Leadership Development. The Leadership Company - Board of Directors, (Chairman), Executive Team (CEO), Marketing Dividsion (CMO) - Team 1 (MD1) & Team 2 (MD2), Human Resources Division (CHRO) - Team 1 (HRD1) & Team 2 (HRD2), Operations Division (COO) - Team 1 (OD1) & Team 2 (OD2), Financial Resources and Information Division (CFO) - Team 1 (FID1) & Team 2 (FID2)
Leadership Practicum
Image DescriptionLeadership Practicum - Weekly products, discussions and exercises - Introductions, self-awareness, mentor maps, negotiation, building diverse teams, team-based problem solving, outdoor lab.
Inherent company activities - Self-assessments, expectations, feedback, absences, promotion/hiring, conflict resolution, communications, logistics, information management, budgeting, marketing, proposals/plans/debriefs.
External production - Community service, partnerships, competitions, research.


Pilot programming for LSP began in the Spring of 2021 for 17 initial students, with an additional 34 joining in the fall of 2021. The ultimate goal is to meet potential student demand that could number well above 100 new students each year.

The scalable program is modeled on key aspects of existing leadership programs and courses, including executive leadership programs from industry, the non-military components of Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) officer development and other sources to create a safe learning environment for students to experiment, take risks and grow as leaders.

The new program was made possible by the generosity of the Powers family gift and some key industry partners. Specifically, Dan Hawkins ’91, founder and CEO of Summit Leadership Partners and Chair of the Dean's Senior Advisory Board, was especially instrumental in initially developing the program and providing executive-level resources, expertise and much-needed financial support to enable the program's early successes.

Recent News


Keith Balts, Colonel (retired), USAF, is a professor of practice in leadership and serves as the Director of the Leadership Signature Program.

Gail DePriest, senior lecturer and Director of Executive Leadership and Corporate Relations for the MBA program, joined the program in Spring 2021.


Interested business students can pre-register for the Fall 2022 Leadership Practicum and follow the program on Instagram @cubusinesslsp for information and updates. Students are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and will apply for the certificate after their first semester in the practicum.

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