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Nieri Department of Construction, Development and Planning

Industry Relations

Industry Relations

Preparation for entry into our ever-changing technological world of work calls for collaboration between industry and education. The nature of occupational change requires that educators, and particularly those who are charged with decision making, be kept informed of the current and anticipated skill needs of the construction industry. This can only be accomplished when academia and the construction industry work together on a continuous basis with the objective of providing students with a quality education both within and outside of the formal classroom setting.

The Nieri Department of Construction, Development and Planning collaborates effectively with the local, regional, national and international construction industry in various ways. First, it has an Industry Advisory Board made up of individuals and companies interested in helping the department provide a quality education to its students and a challenging work environment to its faculty and staff. In addition, the department has a Corporate Partner Program comprised of various types and size of construction companies throughout the United States. If you are interested in learning more about the Industry Advisory Board or Corporate Partner Program, please access the respective webpage.

Another major way the department collaborates with the construction industry is through its Center for the Improvement of Construction Management and Processes (CICMP). The mission of the CICMP is to conduct applied research and professional development activities pertaining to proven “Best Practices” for the improvement of construction management and processes that will result in more cost effective and efficient construction. More specifically, in terms of applied research, the CICMP is involved in the development and assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of processes and systems such as prefabrication and standardization (including those associated with the preservation of historic structures) that have promised to reduce the cost and time of construction. In addition, the CICMP develops and conducts continuing education courses, such as seminars and workshops, not only to disseminate the results of the applied research performed through the Center but also how to improve the supervision and management of the construction process. 

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Corporate Partner Program Coordinator
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