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BIC & NAPIA Biennial Meeting 2023

Greenville, SC November 5-9, 2023

Bean Improvement Cooperative (BIC) and North American Pulse Improvement Association (NAPIA) Biennial meeting hosted by Clemson University.

The BIC & NAPIA Biennial Meeting is an opportunity for members and colleagues from around the world and from many diverse disciplines to interact and exchange information on bean and pulse improvement.

All are invited to join the BIC-NAPIA meeting!

The BIC & NAPIA meeting aims to:

  • To provide a forum on recent research developments and future plans for projects in pulse crops
  • Collaborate with scientific and industry leaders from all over the world
  • Opportunities for graduate student research
  • Help create solutions through innovative and collaborative science
  • Connect worldwide



Registration closed on October 15th, we look forward to seeing you in Greenville.

Abstract Submissions

Deadline for submissions is September 15th with award notifications at the 2023 BIC & NAPIA meeting.

Graduate Student Travel Award Opportunity available please visit the Abstract Submission form for details and requirements to apply.

Abstract Submission


What is BIC?

The Bean Improvement Cooperative (BIC) is a voluntary and informal organization that was established to affect the exchange of information and materials for improving bean production worldwide. Members include scientists, students, private organizations, and lay-people interested in our mission.

Since its first meeting in 1959 in Madison, Wisconsin, the Bean Improvement Cooperative has held a biennial meeting at which members and colleagues from around the world and from a number of diverse disciplines can interact and exchange information on bean improvement. For more information visit the BIC website.

What is NAPIA?

NAPIA’s originating organization, the National Pea Improvement Association, was formed in 1956 as an organization supporting fresh pea breeders. Over the years, the focus began to turn to dry pea. In 1999, the name was changed to North American Pulse Improvement Association (NAPIA) to include other food legumes and the Canadian pulse industry. The mission of NAPIA is to provide a forum to share scientific results and research on pulse crops. The organization has members representing academia, industry, and government.


Clemson University Welcomes You!

Dr. Dil Thavarajah, NAPIA Past President, Professor, Pulse Quality and Nutritional Breeding, Clemson University, SC,

Tristan Lawrence, NAPIA Treasurer/Secretary, Program Manager, Pulse Quality and Nutritional Breeding, Clemson University, SC,

Summer Chandler, Event Planner, Clemson University, SC,

clemson university


Sponsorships can be made online through the BIC & NAPIA Sponsor Payment Form. Please contact Tristan Lawrence (NAPIA) or Timothy Porch (BIC) for sponsorship information and questions.

Sponsor Payment Form

NAPIA Sponsors, 2023

  • Clemson University Research Foundation
  • Brotherton Seed Company, Inc.
  • Montana Pulse Crops Committee
  • Nufarm
  • Saskatchewan Pulse Growers
  • Syngenta

BIC Sponsors, 2023

  • Limagrain/Vilmorin
  • Nebraska Dry Bean Commission
  • Pop Vriend Seeds B.V.
  • ProVita Inc.
  • Pure Line Seeds
  • Syngenta



Dr. Mary E. Burrows
NAPIA President
Associate Director of Montana Agricultural Experiment Station and Research Development
Professor, Extension Plant Pathology Specialist,
Montana State University, Bozeman, MT

Dr. Dil Thavarajah
Professor, Pulse Quality and Nutritional Breeding,
Clemson University, Clemson, SC


Dr. Timothy Porch
BIC President, USDA-ARS-Tropical Crops and Germplasm Research,
Mayaguez, PR