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Daniel J. Smith, Ph.D.

Daniel J. Smith, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Spanish

Department of Languages
Office: 508 Strode

Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin


Dr. Daniel J. Smith received his BA in Spanish (Bob Jones Univ.), his M.Ed. in Foreign Language Education (Univ. of Georgia), and his Ph.D. in Ibero-Romance philology and linguistics with a concentration in Spanish linguistics (Univ. of Texas at Austin). He also did graduate work at Middlebury College in Vermont. His main areas of research include linguistics, sociolinguistics, Spanish linguistics, language contact, bilingualism (especially Spanish and English bilingualism), and language acquisition (especially second language acquisition). He has researched, presented, and published on the grammatical and social forces which shape language in language contact situations and the practical implications of his and others’ research in relation to second language learning. He has presented his research at numerous national and international conferences. He has published articles in The International Journal of Bilingualism, Southwest Journal of Linguistics, Southern Journal of Linguistics, The Bilingual Review, Bilingual Research Journal, Revista Nebrija, Textos, Hipertexto, and Porta Linguarum.


Selected Professional Works

Journal Articles & Book Chapters (Published)

Smith, Daniel J. & Manuel Morales. 2013. “Second language acquisition of Spanish by morpheme type: The 4-M model”, Southern Journal of Linguistics 37(1)

Morales, Manuel & Daniel J. Smith. 2013. “Aplicación de las imágenes mentales en la enseñanza de los tiempos verbales del pretérito perfecto simple y pretérito imperfecto y en las preposiciones ‘por’ y ‘para’”, Vida Hispánica.

Smith, Daniel J. 2009. “Asymmetrical mixing patterns of Spanish and English in a new immigrant community”, Bilingual Research Journal, 32(2), 188-206.

Smith, Daniel J. 2009. “Spanish and English gender/age variation in Georgia”, Hipertexto, Univ. of Texas-Pan American, v.10(summer), 90-111.

Smith, Daniel J. 2008. “Family, friends, and language preference influence on Spanish and English use in the U.S.”, Southern Journal of Linguistics 32(2), 26-77.

Morales, Manuel & Daniel J. Smith. 2008. “Spanish learning strategies of some good language learners”, Porta Linguarum, no. 9, 167-177.

Morales, Manuel & Daniel J. Smith. 2008. “Las imágenes mentales en la adquisición de la gramática de la segunda lengua: el caso de ‘ser’ y ‘estar’ en español”, Revista Nebrija 2(3), 1- 24,

Smith, Daniel J. 2008. “An analysis of Spanish/English bilingual conversation: Marked, embedded, and alternating languages”, published online in Textos,, pp. 1-26.

Smith, Daniel J. 2007. “Spanish/English bilingual children in the Southeastern USA: Convergence and codeswitching”, The Bilingual Review 23(3), 99-108.

Smith, Daniel J. 2006. “Thresholds leading to shift: Spanish/English codeswitching and convergence in Georgia, USA”, The International Journal of Bilingualism 10(2), 207-240.

Smith, Daniel J. 2004. “Social and grammatical patterns in Spanish/English bilingualism in Georgia, USA”, Southern Journal of Linguistics 28(1/2), 1-15.

Smith, Daniel J. 2004. “Intra-speaker variation of standard and nonstandard grammatical patterns: Spanish influenced by English in Georgia”, Southwest Journal of Linguistics 23(2), 163-185.

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