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About the English Department


The Department of English at Clemson University focuses on the analysis, creation and history of textual production in its various formats.

At every level, our students leave their coursework having analyzed and created a wide range of textual representations from an informed historical and international perspective. We believe that in the process our students imagine new possibilities for themselves and for the world around them, and that they will go on to represent these new possibilities in a variety of career and citizenship settings.

The English Department offers a B.A. in English and two master's degrees (M.A. English and M.A. in Writing, Rhetoric, and Media). We are also one of several departments collaborating in a Ph.D. program (Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design), and we offer First-Year Writing, Sophomore Literature, and Advanced Writing courses to the University's General Education curriculum.

As you can see in this website, we have a very productive faculty publishing and winning awards at the highest levels nationally and internationally.

But perhaps the best measure of our success can be seen in the placements of our graduates. Over the last few years, our alumni have been admitted to the American University School of International Service, Cambridge University, the University of Chicago School of Law, the Columbia University School of Journalism, the doctoral program in English at Duke, Harvard Law, the Peace Corps, the Sorbonne and Teach for America, to name just a few.

English Unbound

English Unbound is the Clemson English Department's newsletter.
Published periodically throughout the academic year, English Unbound details the stories, happenings, etc. of Clemson English faculty, students, and alumni.


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