Effective immediately, Clemson University Municipal Court will hold court in our temporary courtroom located at 280 Seneca Creek Road, Seneca, SC. Day to day business will be conducted at our Tiger Boulevard address listed below. The courtroom is located in the building formerly housing the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying. Court dates for the next few months are:

Conditional Discharge

If you are charged with Simple Possession of Marijuana or Public Disorderly Conduct, you may be eligible for a Conditional Discharge.

To be eligible, you must not have a prior drug or a prior drunk or disorderly conduct conviction. You must come to court on your scheduled court date and enter a guilty plea. The ticket is not signed off, but the plea is entered on the record. In the court room, you will sign a conditional discharge order, agree to stay out of criminal trouble for six (6) months, agree to attend a drug or alcohol education program and pay a $150 participation fee. You are required to provide proof of your completed drug or alcohol education program to the municipal court office before the end of the six (6) month period. At the end of the six (6) months, if the court has proof of your completion of a drug or alcohol education program, the court will verify that you have not been charged with any criminal offenses during the six (6) month period. Your charge will then be dismissed and you may be eligible to get your record expunged through the Solicitor's Office. Expungement will eliminate the public record of your charge. There is a separate fee for processing the expungement.

If you do not complete the drug or alcohol education program or if you are arrested for any criminal offense within six (6) months of the date of your Conditional Discharge Order, you will face the maximum sentence for your offense. Simple Possession of Marijuana offense is currently $615 or 30 days in jail. Public Disorderly Conduct offense is currently $257.50 or 30 days in jail.