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About TigerQuest Consultant Program

The TigerQuest Consultant program is a peer involvement and engagement resource available to strengthen every member and organization of the Clemson community. Whether it is by joining an organization, volunteering or participating in leadership experiences, students at Clemson University have a vast array of opportunities available to them.

The TigerQuest Consultants are student leaders who are trained to assist student groups at Clemson University on best practices. TigerQuest Consultants will be available to provide resources and training pertaining to leadership, organization management, and organization sustainability.

In addition, TigerQuest Consultants will encourage student engagement within on-campus student organizations and local community agencies by providing one-on-one involvement consultation appointments. One-on-one involvement consultations are designed to help students find the right student organizations, clubs, and other involvement activities that fit their interests and personal development goals.

As a TigerQuest Consultant, you can expand your skill set in leadership and consultation, public speaking, and organization management, while also earning a $300 stipend each semester.

The TigerQuest Consultant program will consist of two separate teams of consultants:

  • Organization Management Team: This team will be trained to help student groups solve their issues and reach their fullest potential. This group will work with organizations to provide training on various topics. Facilitation opportunities for this group will include: Officer Retention and Transition, Budgeting and Finance, Fundraising, Public Relations, and Group Communication.

  • Leadership Team: This team will be trained to help individual students and student groups to develop leadership capacity and efficacy. By offering leader and leadership development opportunities in one-on-one or small group workshops this group will enable Clemson students to be more confident leaders capable of making positive change in their organizations and community. Facilitation opportunities for this group will include: leadership styles assessment, interpersonal communication, conflict management, values congruence, visioning & strategic planning, and team motivation.

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