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Our Current Graduate Students




Academic Interests


Toni Baraka

Atlanta, GA

B.S. in Organizational and Professional Communication, Kennesaw State University

Communication and health-related racial disparities, AI technology, and strategy

Joseph Bober

Burleson, TX

B.A. in Sports Communication, Clemson University

Social media and sport, fan identity

Hannah Chumley

Cowpens, SC

B.A. in Communication Studies, USC Upstate

Technology and tracking as it pertains to health communication and insurance

Holly Deal

Spartanburg, SC

B.A. in Communications – Public Relations, University of South Carolina Upstate

Critical feminist theory and feminist media studies, narrative medicine in relation to substance use disorders and addiction, and public relations and public engagement among non-profits

Raven Furber

Inman, SC

B.A. in Communications - Public Relations, University of South Carolina - Upstate

Crisis/risk and science communication, social media

Sam Goodman

Columbia, SC

B.S. in Marketing, Clemson University

Critical studies—especially race and sexuality, addiction, organizational and mass communication

Kaley Humphrey

Ninety Six, SC

B.A. in Public Relations, West Virginia Wesleyan College

Social media influence in sports

Sai Mikkilineni

Hyderabad, India

B.A. in Mass Communication, Political Science, and Conversational English, Osmania University; M.A. in Mass Communication & Journalism, Osmania University

Sports communication, media effects

Zachory Muniz

Fort Myers, FL

B.A. in Communication, Florida Gulf Coast University

Impacts of representation in media

Patrick Noe

Spartanburg, SC

B.A. in Communication, Clemson University

Disability sport and sports media

Andrew Obeng

Frederick, MD

B.A. in Communication, McDaniel College

The effects of disability on communication

Rebecca Pool

Gainesville, GA

B.S. in Psychology, University of North Georgia

Intercultural communication and the impact media has on policy making

Agassy Rodriguez

Miami, FL

B.S. in Public Relations, University of Florida; M.A. in College Student Personnel, Bowling Green State University

Social media and higher education, college student development in online spaces

David Schaedel

Greenville, SC

B.A. in Communications, Bob Jones University

Mediated communication specifically in regards to in-group and out-group identity building

Kelsea Schulenberg

Palm Harbor, FL

B.S. in Psychology, Clemson University

Feminism, fan studies, and media effects

Janeth Sierra-Rivera

Los Angeles, CA

B.A. in Political Science, University of California, Riverside

Media studies, with an emphasis on racial and cultural representation in various forms of media

Thomas Simmons

Charleston, SC

B.A. in Political Science, Winthrop University

Technology's effect on political socialization

Tanisha Tak

Ahmedabad, India

B.A. in Communication Studies, Arkansas State University

Feminism in media and online activism, digital marketing

Raine Riley

Greenwood, SC

B.S. in Travel and Tourism, Clemson University

Advertising narrative and effects

Carla White

North Bay, Ontario, Canada

B.S. in Communications, William Woods University

Public health advocacy in sport

Madison Wilson

Springville, UT

B.S. in Sociology, Brigham Young University

Educational communication, strategic communication, media effects