Policies & Procedures for Spending CI Funds

Funding for approved projects is subject to: meeting deadlines (entering courses, completing annual reports); enrollment of students in a CI course and the course add to the CI project page; spending in accordance with the approved budget request/ justification; adhering to the spending policies and procedures set forth through the CI office and University Procurement; and meeting assessment criteria outlined on the Mentor Resource page.

Funds do not carryover.

Budget Accounts

  • Each CI project has a separate budget and account number in the department of the primary team leader.
  • Account numbers are assigned soon after the start of Fall semester. Questions concerning project budgets should be directed to Julie DuBose , 864-656-9335.
  • Funding each semester is based on the budget request and the number of students in the CI team as of the last date to drop a class or withdraw without a W grade (about 2 weeks into the semester).
  • You and your department staff are able to look up your budget balances in the Clemson CUBS system or on the Faculty Business Information System (FBIS).
  • All CI funds must be spent by March 27, 2024.
    • This means: purchases made, items received, and invoices paid.
    • Purchases/expenses post March are not guaranteed to be covered by CI funds and will require a special request to the CI Office.

Spending Funds

  • All expenses must align with the budget request and justification for the project (outlined in the project proposal).
  • All invoices and receipts are handled within the department of the CI team leader.
  • You and/or your department staff will make purchases for your CI project. Check budget balances on FBIS or with your department accountant before you spend!
  • Funds for travel can support CI mentor travel to accompany students for field studies. 
  • Conference travel is supported via a conference travel grant, not regular project funds.
    • Up to a quarter of the conference grant can support the mentor travel to the conference.
  • Check with your department/college about required prior approvals for travel.
  • Follow the rules in your department/college for approval of Domestic travel.
  • Foreign travel requires advance approval by your college and the Office of Global Engagement and must include undergraduate students who are part of the CI project.
    • ** CI will not budget international travel funding until receiving the approval (or forwarded approval) from Global Engagement, the names of traveling students, and the travel itinerary from you.
  • All travel must follow university policies and procurement procedures. Appropriate departmental and/or college permissions are required.

Allowable Expenses

Prohibited Expenses

  • CI funds cannot be used for faculty professional development.
  • CI funds cannot be used for any salaries (faculty, staff, undergraduate students or graduate students) or honoraria for outside speakers.
  • CI funds will not support Senior Design or Capstone projects.
  • CI funds cannot be used to purchase food for Clemson University faculty or staff.
  • CI funds cannot be used to purchase laboratory, office or other equipment/furnishings.
  • CI funds cannot purchase computers and/or computer equipment without a very specific justification addressing why the purchase is essential to the CI project.

Research Subject Incentives, Prizes, and Gifts

  • Review the Incentive Cards Policy page.
  • Incentive Gift Cards for research participants require Institutional Review Board approval.
  • Submit the Institutional Review Board approval letter and the Statement Responsibility Form in BuyWays when requesting the incentive cards.
  • Incentives should be completely disbursed within the 90 days of receipt of the cards. If the project or need to distribute continues beyond that time frame, multiple incentive request must be made to provide for a reasonable and timely accounting of funds.
  • A Research Incentive Distribution Log as well as supporting documentation should be submitted to your Department's accounting person and should be attached to the original requisition in buyWays.
  • For more information see Cash Receipting.

Conference Travel

  • Travel funds for conferences and meetings must be requested through CI Travel Grants (separate application required).
  • These funds support travel for undergraduate student presentations at professional conferences.
  • Up to ¼ of the travel grant award may be used to partially support the mentor.
  • CI travel grants are intended to be partial support.
  • All travel must follow university policies and procurement procedures. Appropriate departmental and/or college permissions are required.

Additional Notes

  • Expenses for each project should reflect the budget justification of each project.
  • Excessive use of funds for refreshments is discouraged.
  • Computers and other technology purchases need to be minimal and must be in the budget justification and approved by the CI Office.
  • These funds must be used during the academic year. Budgets from one academic year (i.e., 2022-2023) do not carry over into the next year (i.e., 2023-2024).

Summer CI + UR

Up to 40 Summer CI + UR awards will be offered to undergraduates each summer.  These awards are for undergraduate student summer salary and will be budgeted into the appropriate CI account. More information can be found here.