CI for Graduate Students

A graduate student mentor discusses a research poster with his student.
A graduate student mentor discusses a research poster with his student.

While CI projects must be organized under a faculty member, many are led by talented graduate students interested in furthering their research and expanding their mentoring experience. If you are interested in assisting or leading a CI please contact the CI office.

Any potential mentors are encouraged to join the bi-monthly CI + UR News email dissemination for deadlines and targeted opportunities for CI projects, mentors, and students. To join this list, please email

Initiating a Project

  • To get started, review the comprehensive list of active projects.
  • Create a project that will involve students from your own and/or other departments. Many of the most successful projects are cross-disciplinary. Consider consulting your College Liaison or the CI project office, as they might know of particular areas that would benefit from a new project.
  • Consider working with an outside business, industry, agency or private group to collaborate with your project team.
  • Identify a course to be used for your CI project, and obtain permission from the department chair to teach this course.
  • Submit your project proposal.

Managing Your Project

  • Use the CI project manager to edit, update information, budget and courses.
  • Each semester you must submit course and section numbers.
  • Review the Procedures for Spending CI Funds page.
  • To be considered for funding, at minimum you must:
    1. add courses to your CI project
    2. provide a budget request and justification annually
    3. provide reports highlighting the outcomes of the student work (e.g., methodologies developed, publications, art exhibits, apps developed, etc.)
  • Submit Course and section numbers and the start of each semester.
  • Reporting: Semester and annual reports. Short annual reports are required. New funding will not be awarded until reports are up-to-date.
  • Display CI projects at the annual Focus on Creative Inquiry Poster Forum.
  • Encourage your undergraduate students to submit CI project results for presentations at professional meetings. Supplementary CI Travel Grants are available for this purpose.
  • Add any publications or presentations, news, other media in the project manager.
  • Submit semester and annual reports.


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