Carr Family Endowment

Carr Family Endowment

Each year applications will be accepted for the Carr Family Endowed CI. This award will provide up to $4000 for one year to enhance eligible research projects.

New or existing CIs are eligible to apply. Projects must focus on one or more of the following areas:

  • Rural Economic Development
  • Rural Community/Business Development
  • Fruit, Vegetable/Crop production
  • Production Agriculture Industries
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Carr Family Endowed CI + UR Projects

Peach Package of the Future, Dr. Andrew Hurley
Creating a Healthy Hub for SC Rural Communities, Dr. Kirby Player
Breaking Bud: Environmental Control of Bloom Time in Peaches, Dr. Douglas Bielenberg
Characterization of Aromas and Health Benefiting Chemical of SC Peaches, Dr. Feng Chen
Shelf-life Extension of Fresh Peach Slices by Surface Crust Freezing, Dr. John McGregor

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