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Media Forensics Hub

Hub Events

The Media Forensics Hub hosts a variety of events. These range from small informal research meetings for members of the Clemson community working on projects related to the Hub's mission to come together for feedback and advice to international events for researchers around the globe to collaborate and share their advances. Below, we give some details about events hosted at the Hub.

  • April Fools Inauthenticity Workshop

    The April Fools Symposium is an annual research event hosted by the Hub that brings together everyone on campus who is studying deception and inauthenticity to share their work. We get feedback from across the various disciplinary perspectives and build new teams to attack these problems in new ways.

  • The Euro-American Interdisciplinary Workshop on Disinformation
    The goal of the Workshop was to directly expose North American and European disinformation scholars to the cutting-edge scientific research being conducted by each group. The Workshop was structured as an interactive speaker series and occurred over a two-day period, each day having four speakers giving substantive 90-minute talks and each talk being accompanied by a facilitated roundtable discussion (eight speakers and roundtables in total). The interactive roundtables established new research collaborations between the North American and European scholars and fostered long-lasting professional relationships.

Upcoming Events

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