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Emergency Management

Inclement Weather

For faculty, staff and student workers, your supervisor is your first point of contact regarding expectations for work during an inclement weather event. Read Clemson University’s emergency closing policy and procedures so you’ll know what to do if conditions deteriorate, and be mindful of additional University communications with instructions related to inclement weather.

In preparation for weather events, Clemson University has several ways to communicate with you should weather conditions ever affect classes and operations:

  • Campus warning sirens alert you to dangerous weather or lightning.
  • CU Safe Alert text messages and Alertus desktop messages.
  • Clemson Safety (@ClemsonSafety) on Twitter and Facebook.
  • OURClemson email.
  • CU Alerts page.
  • Call 864-365-0555 for closure updates.
  • Local TV and radio station websites.

You will be alerted to decisions to close offices and/or cancel classes as soon as possible. Remember:

  • The governor can order the closure of state offices and campuses.
  • State offices and campuses must close if county government offices in that location close.
  • Check county closures here.
  • Clemson University’s administration may cancel classes or close offices.

Safety During Weather Event

Be aware of the danger of falling trees, high winds, flooding and power outages.

  • Falling trees: Report fallen trees in roadways, sidewalks or other hazardous areas to facilities as soon as possible by calling CUPD at 864-656-2222. Do not attempt to move trees yourself.
  • High winds: The safest place to be during high winds is away from windows with as many walls between you and the wind and on the lowest level possible. In advance of these winds, remember to bring in any outside items that are not secured to the ground.
  • Flooding: A lot of rain in a short period of time can result in flash flooding. Whenever there is flooding remember to never drive through flooded roads and ensure critical personal paperwork is kept in a waterproof container or bag.
  • Power outages: Report on-campus outages to CUPD at 864-656-2222. Charge your phone on a regular basis in case of an outage. Never use candles during a power outage and do not touch any downed power lines.