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Emergency Management

Lockdown Buttons

As part of Clemson’s ongoing commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of students, faculty and staff, the University is installing lockdown devices inside of academic classrooms. The project is initially aimed at classrooms already equipped with card access, while University officials will continue to assess possible future locations.

What are Lockdown buttons?

  • Lockdown buttons are devices that, when pressed, will deactivate TigerOne card access to enter that classroom while simultaneously notifying Public Safety officials of the lockdown.

Why are Lockdown buttons used?

  • Lockdown buttons are used to disable card access into the room where the button is pressed in an active threat situation. These buttons are not intended to be used for other types of hazards, such as tornadoes.

How do Lockdown buttons work?

  • If there is an active threat situation outside the room, individuals inside should press the Lockdown button and follow the Active Threat protocols of Run, Hide, Fight. Understand that the button will not sound or provide any visual notification that it has been activated.
  • Public Safety Officials are notified within seconds and will take appropriate actions, to include dispatching personnel and monitoring cameras.
  • All card access to that door will be immediately disabled. If there are multiple doors, with or without lockdown buttons, each must be separately locked. When lockdown buttons are pressed, even valid access cards cannot unlock the reader.
  • Individuals inside the room can still open the doors from the inside. Until Law Enforcement arrives, no one outside the room can open the door via card access.

What if someone misuses the Lockdown buttons?

  • Improper use or tampering with this system is a violation of South Carolina law, University policy and the Student Code of Conduct.
A lockdown button in a classroom in one of the buildings on the Clemson campus.