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Emergency Management

Emergency Management Council

The Emergency Management Council (EMC) is 

  • Prevention
    • Identify and take actions to avoid or prevent emergencies.
  • Preparedness
    • Identify the student, employee, family, community and CU agriculture impacts of the identified threats and hazards that CU faces.
    • Prepare for potential emergencies that could occur at CU locations by planning, building, training, exercising, sustaining and improving our operational capabilities.
  • Protection
    • Protect CU faculty, staff, students, visitors and resources against the greatest threats and hazards in a manner that allows the University to continue to fulfill its mission to the best of its ability.
  • Mitigation
    • Reduce or eliminate the risk of loss of life and property by lessening the impact of the greatest threats and hazards CU faces.
  • Communication
    • Serve as the bridge and advisory council to CU’s Executive Leadership Team for prevention, preparedness, protection, mitigation efforts and recommendations to provide for continued education through the protection of CU personnel and property.