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Emergency Management


Training for any organization is the key to readiness. For Clemson University, training is the lifeblood of the Public Safety team. On average, Clemson University prepares for an influx of roughly 500,000 football fans, spread over 7 weekends, during the late summer and fall of each year. Training for these types of crowds challenges the Clemson University Public Safety Team to reach out to other public safety organizations that have agreed through mutual aid agreements to provide additional manpower during those weekends. From traffic control and airspace management to fire protection and additional ambulances, numerous other agencies lend a hand to facilitate these major events. Training for these events and several other key exercises keeps the Clemson University Public Safety Team better prepared for the unexpected.

The Clemson University Emergency Preparedness Director manages much of the training and ensures that standardized planning, coordination, training and documentation meets the specifications of the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP). Examples of training exercises include:

  1. Graded Nuclear Exercises
  2. Earthquake Second and Third Order Effects Exercises
  3. Dam Failure Exercises
  4. Hazardous Material Response Exercises
  5. Mass Casualty Exercises
  6. Weapons of Mass Destruction Exercises
  7. Infectious Disease Exercises
  8. Active Shooter Exercises