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Emergency Management


The Clemson University Emergency Preparedness Director is responsible for the preparation and / or maintenance of most all emergency planning documents for Clemson University. All emergency plans are classified as Public Safety Sensitive and are not available for viewing or printing. A summary of the types of plans includes:

  • The Clemson University Emergency Operations Plan with annexes for each hazard that Clemson University faces.
  • Building Emergency Action Plans (one plan for each building on Main Campus, a separate plan for all 46 Clemson University Extension Offices and one plan for each Public Service Activities (PSAs).
  • Incident Action Plans for each hazard which Clemson University faces
  • Infectious Diseases Framework
  • Emergency Action Plans for two Army Corps of Engineer (A.C.O.E.) Diversion Dams
  • Emergency Action Plans for two Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (F.E.R.C.) Dams