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Data & Analytics

Data and Analytics Working Group

The Data & Analytics (D&A) Working Group was established to cultivate a positive culture and operating model of data management and analytics across Clemson University. The membership of this working group consists of all D&A professionals throughout the University and is convened by representatives from Finance & Operations, Academic Affairs, and CCIT. The working group will serve as a communication and collaboration hub for D&A professionals at Clemson as well as a resource for University leadership to understand the past, present, or future state of D&A projects or systems at the University. The working group meets monthly to discuss updates or issues from functional areas and central units as they relate to D&A projects, initiatives, or personnel. The working group will provide training opportunities for members including internal and external presenters on a wide array of D&A topics including Clemson-specific systems, processes, and products.

Meet the Data and Analytics Working Group Team

Clemson University’s Data & Analytics Working Group (with 50+ total members) is co-chaired by:

The D&A Working Group has a subcommittee with the following membership

Engagement Subcommittee

Clemson’s Certified Analytics Professionals

Data and Analytics Working Group Communication Channels

In addition to monthly meetings, the D&A Working Group also maintains the following:

 You are encouraged to reach out to any of the co-chairs listed above to join in the D&A Working Group or with any general inquiries.

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