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Data & Analytics

Data Management and Analytics Training

General Data Management Training

Data & Analytics Tool Training

Acquire Tableau

Tableau is a data visualization tool adopted as an enterprise platform at Clemson. It allows you to connect to various data sources and update web-based dashboards with role-based security. Contact for more information.


Percipio is an online learning management software that provides free professional development opportunities for Clemson University faculty, staff and students. From IT Skills to business skills, Percipio offers content for learners of all levels.

Data Science and Analytics

Include a sentence or two about the benefits of participating in the workshops given by CCIT: CITI offers a diverse catalog of advanced computing training opportunities for Clemson University students, researchers, faculty, and staff. These workshops enable individuals to develop introductory knowledge as well as specialized in-depth expertise related to computing, data, and analytics.

SAS Analytics

One sentence or two about what SAS is and the partnership Clemson has with SAS Institute: Clemson has access to SAS Visual Analytics, the company's flagship data visualization and exploration tool. SAS Analytics software helps researchers discover the "why?" behind the data by uncovering hidden relationships and trends. Using predictive analytics and forecasting tools, they can dig deeper into "what-if?" and "what next?"