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Bradford Pear Bounty

Got Questions?

Do the native replacement trees cost anything?

No, the native replacement trees are being provided to you free of charge.

Do I need to bring in the cut down Bradford pear tree to get my free replacement trees?

No, just take a picture (a selfie) with the cut-down Bradford pear tree and bring it with you to the exchange event. Bradford pear wood makes great firewood, by the way.

Who is responsible for the cost of removing my Bradford pear tree (s)?

Property owners are responsible for handling any cost incurred for paid tree removal.

Will my new replacement tree (s) fit in my car?

Yes, replacement tree (s) will be small container trees that will fit into any size vehicle.

If I remove the Bradford pear (s) myself, will debris be picked up?

How many Bradford pear trees can I exchange for free native trees?

There is a limit of five (5) trees per homeowner, though individuals or business that want to exchange six (6) or more can contact the organizers to discuss their situation.

Do I have to live in the city in which the event is happening to take part in the program?

No, any South Carolina resident can attend either of the events and get their free tree(s).

Can I reserve a certain type of replacement tree?

No, all replacement trees are first come, first serve. We do not hold certain types of trees for individuals.

What if I hired an arborist to remove my Bradford pear tree, but they were unable to remove it prior to the event (for example, because the ground is too wet and the equipment can’t access the tree)?

No problem! Just bring in your contract or paid invoice and we’ll use that as your proof of tree removal.

Will you ship my replacement trees to me?

No, we are unable to ship trees. Replacement trees must be picked up on the day of the event.

I don’t know what kind of replacement tree will be best suited for my property - can you help me determine what I should get?

Yes, we’ll have several experts there during the event to help you decide which type of replacement tree is best for your situation.

Can someone else pick up my replacement trees for me?

Yes, as long as they show the proof of Bradford pear tree removal.