South Carolina Certified Landscape Professional

The South Carolina Certified Landscape Professional (SCCLP) is an online, self-paced certification program that provides high level horticultural education and training to green industry professionals and operators.

Building and maintaining a professional brand is essential for a successful landscaping business. Clients demand professionalism, employee performance and environmental stewardship when selecting a landscape company. The SCCLP program is designed to teach landscape professionals best management practices for major components of an urban landscape. By investing in certification, South Carolina Certified Landscape Professionals bring enhanced knowledge of the landscape and how it fits into the surrounding ecosystem.

Certification as a South Carolina Certified Landscape Professional can save money with use of best management practices, boost employee morale and confidence, provide a competitive edge in the marketplace, and protect South Carolina’s natural resources.

This certification is not a substitute for state issued pesticide licenses. The goals, subject matter, and procedures of the South Carolina Certified Landscape Professional certification program are different from the licensing programs and exams conducted by the South Carolina Department of Pesticide Regulation.

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Online and on-demand via Clemson OnLine
Access expires 90 days from the date of purchase.

Course Fee: $300 per registrant

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Program Coordinator
Drew Jeffers
Horticulture Agent
Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service

Instructor Team
Guinn Wallover
Terasa Lott
Jordan Franklin
Vicky Bertagnolli
Kerrie Roach
Paul Thompson
Jackie Jordan
Mark Arena
Sarah White, Ph.D