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Clemson University Graduate School

Information for International Applicants

Deadlines for International Students

Application deadlines vary by program, and some programs accept applicants only once a year. Check with your program on their particular deadlines. International students often have earlier deadlines in order to allow enough time to secure a visa.

Contact your program’s coordinator for more information.

Apply in Time to Receive Your I-20 Visa

In addition to your program’s individual deadline, to ensure timely issuance of Certificates of Eligibility (the I-20 and DS-2019) international applicants should complete their Graduate School applications no later than April 15 for Fall semester enrollment, September 15 for Spring semester enrollment and February 1 for Summer enrollment.

I-20s will not be issued after the following dates:

  • November 15 for Spring Term.
  • April 15 for Summer Term.
  • July 1 or Fall Term.

Once you are admitted and have provided all required documentation, allow two weeks for an I-20 to be issued.

For More Information or Questions