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GS14: Request for Change of Degree and/or Major

If you need to change your intended degree (from MS to PhD, or PhD to MS, for example) and/or change your major, you must complete the GS14 online. You can use this form only if (a) you are currently enrolled or have been enrolled at any time in the past two years and (b) you will not graduate in your present degree program.

  1. 1 Go to the iROAR portal and select the "Current students, faculty and staff" option (login required).
  2. 2 On the next screen, click the iROAR buttoniRoar Buttonlocated under the "Current and Future Terms" heading.
  3. 3  From here, click the Student button iRoar Student Button.
  4. 4 Select the Registration tab iRoar Registration Tab that appears just below the student button, and you should now see several options including the GS14 Change of Program link.