PCard Program

Welcome to the Clemson University/State of South Carolina VISA Purchasing Card Program Clemson University participates in this program as an agency of the State of South Carolina. The program is designed to help better manage low-dollar routine purchases and benefit job performance.

WORKS P-Card System
Bank of America offers an online software solution for managing our P‐Card transactions. The system helps Clemson manage the P-Card program using a web-based platform that provides greater transparency and flexibility for P-Card holders.  One example of possible benefit is allowing for charges to be reconciled directly through the system at the time a charge is made.  Once the transactions are reconciled, the data is loaded to PeopleSoft through an automated daily process which ultimately eliminates much of the “waste” identified in the current process. This system also potentially allows for P-Card receipts to be uploaded to the system so that they do not have to be stored in file cabinets.  We are at the early stages of implementing a solution with the WORKS platform, but if it is even half of what it promises to be, this will be the biggest change to the P-Card program since it was first implemented at Clemson pre-2000.

All questions regarding the Procurement Card should be directed to: charge@clemson.edu or contact Lynn Crawford, 864-656-2808 or Jennifer Cobb, 864-656-5605.

PCard Training & Application, October 2016

Completion of this course is required for all new applicants prior to receiving your procurement card.  After completing the on-line course, you (the PCard applicant) can submit your application.  Additionally, all cardholders and liaisons must complete this course and the PCard Certification on an annual basis every March to stay current in the PCard policies and procedures.  After completing the course, you need to click on the link for the course assessment quiz at the end of the presentation.

Fraud/Lost/Stolen cards

The cardholder should call Bank of America – Merrill Lynch Fraud dept: 1-866-500-8262 for assistance.

Amazon Business, April 2019
Amazon Business is now approved and the preferred option for making allowable purchases through Amazon as a P-Cardholder.  buyWays remains the preferred site to purchase goods as it is the most efficient process available and ensures compliance with State and University contracts.  However, we recognize that Amazon offers an option for those purchases that do not fall under contract and is widely used today for those types of purchases.  Therefore, going forward, all Amazon purchases for business must be made through the Amazon.com’s new, central Amazon Business account.

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