Faculty Evaluations: Annual Review, TPR and PTR


Tenure Clock Extension Requests 

Per the Clemson Faculty Manual, tenure-track faculty can request extensions to their tenure clock probationary period for a variety of reasons.

If a faculty member wants to request an extension, they must complete the Tenure Clock Extension Request Form and route it through the listed department-level and dean-level TPR stakeholders. A faculty member's Dean's Office will officially submit it to the Provost's Office by e-mailing the dean-approved form to apfa@clemson.edu.

If a faculty member wants to withdraw a previuosly-approved tenure clock extension, they must complete the Request to Withdraw a Previously-Approved Tenure Clock Extension Form and route it like above. 

Calendar of Dates and Deadlines  

Calendar of Faculty Annual Review, TPR, PTR, Sabbatical Dates and Deadlines with 'clock' Tables

Overview: FacultySuccess (formerly DigitalMeasures) System 

Faculty Success Overview
Introduction to Faculty Success
Faculty Overview Video
Transcript of Faculty Overview Video
Links Referenced in the Video
Overview of Faculty Success Workflow Templates - system steps for promotion, tenure and/or promotion, reappointment
Faculty Success Account Login

Annual Reviews Resources

Review Preparation Resources for Faculty

Annual Activities Submission in Five Steps
Goal Setting Process - 2022-2023
Using Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures) to Document Teaching Effectiveness
Importing Publications into Faculty Success
Manually Entering Graduate Student Advising - documenting advising when students have not filed GS2
Faculty Success Guide to Proposals
Faculty Success Guide to Funded Projects
Manually Entering Graduate Student Advising - documenting advising when students have not filed GS2
Entering Goals into Faculty Success - for Academic Year 2022-2023

Review Preparation Resources for Department/Dean-Level Reviewers

Department Chair and Dean-Level Reviewer Overview Video 
Resource Guide for Department Chairs and Deans

Tenure, Promotion and Reappointment Resources

General Resources about the TPR Process:

Using Faculty Sucess to Complete TPR Reviews - Guides for Faculty and Reviewers

Additional Resources for Tenure and Promotion Candidates and Committees

Faculty Rank Promotion Increase Amounts

Dates Established
Prior to 2013 2013 2015 2018
Professor $8,000 12% 12% 12%
Associate Professor $5,000 10% 10% 10%
Senior Lecturer $ - 0% 5% 5%
Principal Lecturer n/a* n/a* n/a* 8%

Legacy and Archived 

Faculty Activity System - Legacy Resource (archive access only)

FAS Website
FAS Profiles
FAS Guide

eTPR (archive access only) - eTPR Notebook 

eForm3 (archive access only) - eForm3