Faculty Evaluations: Annual Review, TPR and PTR

20191009_111423.jpgCalendar of Dates and Deadlines  

Calendar of Faculty Annual Review, TPR, PTR, Sabbatical Dates and Deadlines with 'clock' Tables
Promotion Timelines for Tenure-Track/Tenured and Lecturer-Track Faculty

Overview: FacultySuccess (formerly DigitalMeasures) System 

Faculty Success Overview
Introduction to Faculty Success
Faculty Overview Video
Transcript of Faculty Overview Video
Links Referenced in the Video
Overview of Faculty Success Workflow Templates - system steps for promotion, tenure and/or promotion, reappointment
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Annual Reviews Resources

Review Preparation Resources for Faculty

Annual Activities Submission in Five Steps
Goal Setting Process
Collection of Best Practices for Measuring Teaching Effectiveness
Using Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures) to Document Teaching Effectiveness
Importing Publications into Faculty Success
Manually Entering Graduate Student Advising - documenting advising when students have not filed GS2
Faculty Success Guide to Proposals
Faculty Success Guide to Funded Projects

Review Preparation Resources for Department/Dean-Level Reviewers

Department Chair and Dean-Level Reviewer Overview Video 
Resource Guide for Department Chairs and Deans

Tenure, Promotion and Reappointment Resources

General Resources about the TPR Process:

Using Faculty Success to Complete TPR Reviews - Guides for Faculty and Reviewers
Tenure Clock Related Requests

Per the Clemson Faculty Manual, tenure-track faculty can request revisions to their tenure clock probationary period for a variety of reasons by completing the following fillable forms and routing them through the listed department-level and dean-level TPR stakeholders. A faculty member's dean will official submit it to the Provost's Office by emailing the completed form to apfa@clemson.edu:

Additional Resources for Tenure and Promotion Candidates and Committees

Faculty Rank Promotion Increase Amounts

Dates Established
Prior to 2013 2013 2015 2018
Professor $8,000 12% 12% 12%
Associate Professor $5,000 10% 10% 10%
Senior Lecturer $ - 0% 5% 5%
Principal Lecturer n/a* n/a* n/a* 8%

Legacy and Archived Systems 

Faculty Activity System - Legacy Resource (archive access only)

FAS Website
FAS Profiles
FAS Guide

eTPR (archive access only) - eTPR Notebook 

eForm3 (archive access only) - eForm3