Faculty Research Incentive Plan


The Faculty Research Incentive Plan (FRIP) supports Clemson Elevate's strategic plan for national preeminence through increased research expenditures.

This self-sustaining compensation program incentivizes and rewards high-funded faculty and supports recruiting and retaining top grant-funded faculty consistent with our peers. Funded from incentive funds recovered from research grants, the FRIP supports instruction and research activities through a reallocated base salary. 


Faculty Research Incentive Plan

Download the Faculty Research Incentive Plan to learn about eligibility criteria, performance measures, goal setting, payout opportunities and more.

Download Faculty Research Incentive Plan PDF

Expression of Intent Form

All faculty interested in applying to participate in this program must complete and route for approval an Expression of Intent Form. Please print and submit to your dean or department head to obtain signatures. To submit a digital version, please send them to frip@clemson.edu when you have received all signatures. 

Download Expression of Intent Form PDF


For questions relates to the Faculty Research Incentive Plan (FRIP) program, please email frip@clemson.edu.