Facility Renovation for Water Research

Non-recurring request: $7 million

Clemson University proposes to renovate and upgrade a building that has served as housing for Environmental Toxicology research and establish a solid programmatic base for the comprehensive water resources program.

The building includes laboratory and meeting space and features an ideal near-campus location for research, monitoring, analysis, and technical instruction. Additionally, the landscape includes opportunities for research that correspond perfectly with community needs in managing polluted runoff affecting South Carolina’s waterways.

This facility will house the Water Resources Center, giving Clemson the ability to conduct virtual meetings, on-site trainings, and webinars across the state and with southeast partnering universities. Renovation includes new laboratory instrumentation as well as overall building repairs and renovations.

Once renovated, the expanding team of water resources experts will be based in this building to conduct analytical water-related research, and provide research-based natural resources management outreach, instruction, and demonstration.  Its proximity to campus and research space will unify staff and create capacity for more collaborative research supported by grants and private funding.

Renovate the Environmental Toxicology Building $5,000,000
Purchase Laboratory Equipment $1,500,000
Purchase Field Equipment $500,000
Total $7,000,000