Research and Education Center Graduate Student Housing

Non-recurring request: $4 million

Clemson PSA’s six Research and Education Centers (RECs) are home to teams of scientists performing transformative research that helps build the South Carolina agribusiness economy, conserve the state’s environment and natural resources, and improve the nutritional quality and safety of the food supply.

Clemson PSA has added 23 scientist positions over the last five years with the mission to help South Carolina farmers provide safe, affordable, and nutritious food for the state’s citizens and stay competitive on a global scale.

In order to fulfill its research mission, Clemson PSA must add talented and accomplished graduate students, but housing for these graduate students is insufficient.

The ability to add graduate students to study and conduct research at off-campus RECs will expand the capability of our scientists to conduct research in all regions of the state and provide the state’s agriculture and natural resource industry with Master’s, Ph.D. and post-doctoral students trained to help address agricultural and natural resources problems facing South Carolina.

The requested funding will allow Clemson PSA to add new housing for students and visiting scientists and renovate and expand existing housing that is currently available at each of the RECs across South Carolina.

Construction of Additional Facilities $2 million
Repair and Renovate Existing Facilities $2 million
Total $4 million