Critical Agriculture and Natural Resources Research

Recurring request: $1.5 million

As the state’s primary source for agriculture and natural resources industry research and development, Clemson University strives to maintain core expertise in both traditional and emerging science and technology relevant to South Carolina’s farmers and natural resource managers. Maintaining this core expertise requires university-based research support, including a cohort of crop research technicians, to serve as a continuous base for successful applications for research grants and contracts with the USDA, state commodity boards, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy and many other key groups.

Clemson is seeking funds to provide new research opportunities for faculty with sought-after expertise in critical areas of the agriculture and natural resources economy of South Carolina. 

Specifically, Clemson seeks to enhance its areas of expertise in agricultural engineering, agribusiness, livestock production, forest productivity, nutrition, safe food packaging, and crop health. 

Faculty Research Support $650,000
Crop Research Technicians (12) $740,880
Program Operation Support: $113,361