Comprehensive Statewide Extension Programs

Recurring request:  $2.2 million

For Clemson to fulfill its land grant mission of Extension, it must develop innovative educational programs, and respond to new and emerging agriculture technologies and potential new and economically viable crops by developing information for the agribusiness community. Clemson is therefore seeking funding to improve our educational programming for youth, ensure that all counties have resident agent support for critical agriculture and natural resource programs, and develop and implement new programming initiatives for emerging crops.  

South Carolina 4-H Clementa Pinckney Leadership Conference

Created in 2015 to honor the late Senator Clementa Pinckney and his legacy as a 4-Her, Extension developed the South Carolina 4-H Clementa Pinckney Leadership Conference, which instills teamwork, leadership and citizenship in South Carolina junior and senior high school students. The requested funds will allow Clemson to continue this program and to meet the needs of additional students statewide.

Program Coordinator $68,000
Camps, Conference, Scholarships $340,000
$408, 000

Critical Extension Personnel

Clemson is continuing efforts to reestablish in all counties critical programming personnel lost during the recession. The program assistants request will complete our goal of having a staff person present in each county office.

Program Assistants (7) $125,000
Food Safety & Nutrition Agents (3) $195,000
Livestock Agents (3) $195,000
4-H Agents (4) $260,000
Horticulture Agents (2) $130,000
Agronomy & Agribusiness Agents (2) $130,000
Program Support $140,000

Organic and Sustainable Agriculture
Emerging consumer and grower interest in the production and utilization of sustainable and organic food has increased the demand for Extension programming.

Production Specialist (1) $105,000
Extension agents (3) $185,000
Regulatory agents (3) $185,000
Extension Associate (1) $70,000
Support $105,000

Grand total: $2,233,000