Comprehensive Statewide Extension Programs

Recurring request: $2,015,000

Clemson Cooperative Extension is seeking funding to improve our educational programming for youth, ensure that all counties have agent support for critical agriculture and natural resource programs, and develop and implement new programming initiatives for emerging crops.


Support for hiring Clemson Cooperative Extension agents in the following program areas:

  • Food Safety & Nutrition (2)
  • Agribusiness (2)
  • Forestry and Wildlife (1)
  • Livestock and Forages (1)
  • 4-H and Youth Development (2)
  • Horticulture (1)


Industrial Hemp: Industrial hemp is a new and emerging opportunity for the state’s farmers, and Extension agents are helping farmers better understand hemp’s potential viability as a S.C. crop. The requested funding will provide crop-specific personnel and support for this expanding statewide pilot program to ensure producers can partner with universities to meet statutory requirements.

Organic Foods: The requested funding will support personnel focused on advancing organic crop and livestock production and organic processing techniques in this growing sector of the South Carolina agricultural economy and will support the operation of a 6-acre organic demonstration farm on the Clemson University campus.

Controlled Environment Agriculture: Greenhouse production is an emerging growing technique that can help S.C. producers extend the growing season and meet the increasing demand for fresh locally and sustainably produced vegetables, fruits and herbs. The requested funding will enable Clemson Cooperative Extension to assist producers in participating in this developing agricultural market.

Emerging Agriculture Program Support personnel requested with travel and operating support:

  • Production Specialist (1)
  • Agriculture Agents (3)
  • Horticulture Agents (4)
  • Farm Manager (1)


In response to industry requests for agricultural safety education programs, and recent tragedies related to the operation of farm equipment, these funds will be used to develop a focused agricultural equipment safety certificate program called CU-SAFE. The program will provide safety education to farm operators, secondary students, high school agricultural teachers, and parents of South Carolina youth, and will focus on increasing awareness of safety procedures, maintenance operations, and promoting and developing farm safety habits.