Water Resource Research, Management and Technology

Recurring request: $2 million

Efficient water use is key to a thriving agribusiness economy, but droughts, floods and increasing water demand over the past 10 years have raised concerns about our understanding of South Carolina's water resources. As the state's land-grant university, Clemson University is ideally positioned to lead a comprehensive science-based water resource research program to provide objective knowledge of the capacity of the state’s rivers and aquifers.

Clemson PSA has statewide programs that address water quality in forested wetlands, efficient use of water for agriculture, and storm water management. Clemson scientists are working collaboratively on crop irrigation systems, forested watershed management, water quality assessment, water treatment and data analysis and modeling of the state's water resources. 

The requested funds will allow Clemson scientists to further this effort and extend programs into the state's eight river basins by adding expertise in the following programmatic areas:

  • S.C. Water Resources Center
  • Clemson University Center for Watershed Excellence
  • The Kennedy Waterfowl and Wetlands Conservation Center at the Baruch
  • Institute of Coastal Ecology and Forest Science
  • Precision Agriculture at the Edisto Research and Education Center

Working with DHEC and SCDNR, the requested $2 million in recurring funds will be used to enhance understanding of the state's eight river basins and aquifer capacities relative to crop production, soil science and hydrogeology, and systems modeling.

The requested funding falls in to two main categories: $806,729* to enhance Clemson’s focus on statewide water resources programs; and $1,193,271 to supplement Research and Extension Personnel support in areas critical to understanding our water resources and imparting science to constituents.

*Enhancing statewide programs $806,729
Scientists/Engineers (2) $246,960
Field and Laboratory Technicians (4) $274,400
Administrative Coordinator (1) $52,136
County Agents (4) $246,960
**Operating $372,815

**Laboratory support, travel, field instrumentation operations on campus and across the state.