Sample Preparation

  1. 1 pint of sample is required for analysis
  2. Laboratory numbers are assigned to the sample submission form and the data sheet.   The lab numbers are written on the sample bags with a sharpie.  The first digit of the lab number is 4.  The next two digits are the month.  The last four digits are the sample number for the year.
  3. Record tare weight of paper bag.  Add 100 – 200 g sample, weigh and record wet weight.  Place in the oven to dry at 60°C overnight.  Record dry weight.  Grind for nitrogen, carbon, mineral, organic matter, and nitrate nitrogen analyses.  Record weight of 100 mL beaker.  Add about 5 g dried and ground sample and record weight.  Dry at 105°C for 3 hours.  Record weight to get total dry matter.