EC (Soluble Salts) and pH

EC:  This test is performed on the as-received sample on a 1:5 (dw/v) basis.  First determine the moisture content.  Then weigh into a 250 mL flask the equivalent wet weight to give 40 g of dry weight material (e.g. if the moisture is 50%, weigh out 80 g fresh to get 40 g dry material).  Add water to bring final volume to 200 mL.  This will give a dilution ratio of 1:5.  Shake on shaker for 20 minutes.  Determine the electrical conductance of the 1:5 slurry with a conductivity meter.  Read and record the conductivity of the slurry in mmhos/cm to 2 decimal places.

pH:  Scoop 15 mL fresh compost.  Bring volume to 30 mL with deionized water.  Stir and let sit for 30 minutes.  Analyze pH on Analyzer.