The South Carolina Pest Awareness and Risk Assessment Committee is a collaboration of local and federal regulatory agencies operating in our state. The SC-PARA committee meets quarterly to stay up-to-date on invasive exotic threats to human and animal health, natural resources, and agriculture. These meetings keep the various regulatory agencies informed of current priorities and regulation changes. By maintaining close working relationships, agency representatives gain a more thorough understanding of the regulatory community and are better prepared to assist one another in the event of a major incident or infestation. 

In addition to round table discussion and emergency preparedness, SC-PARA collaborates on at least one special operation each year. U.S. Customs & Border Protection typically hosts the special operation, targeting and inspecting a certain commodity or high risk pathway. These blitzes utilize the extra manpower to inspect large volumes of potential pest harborage while providing valuable cross-training to collaborating agency representatives.

Collaborating Agencies Outreach and Education