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Mac Tippins
Mac Tippins

The main thrust of Mac Tippins' landscape photography is to support the preservation of public lands: National Forests, National Monuments, National Wildlife Refuge, State Parks, State Forests, local parks, and related public lands and waters. Tippins' goal is to help raise awareness of the critical need to protect these public lands. While not all of Tippins' images displayed in this gallery are of public lands, most are.

Mac Tippins is a graduate of Georgia Tech, a veteran of over 250 air combat missions in Vietnam, a retired airline captain, an aviation writer, and a long-time photographer. For the past eight years, Tippins has traveled west to work "Fire Season" in US Forest Service fire lookout towers. He departed South Carolina in mid-March 2016 and drove to Arizona to staff Lemmon Rock Lookout in the Wilderness of Rocks of the Coronado National Forest (his third fire season at Lemmon Rock). He worked five fire seasons at East Butte Fire Lookout in the Deschutes National Forest in Oregon.

Mac Tippins' photography has won numerous awards. In 2014, he joined an Arizona Public Media team in the production of a documentary on wildland fire detection for PBS. For that photographic effort, Tippins and AZPM won a Rocky Mountain Region Emmy in October 2015.

Tippins can be contacted by email at Visit his website for more information.

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