What's Blooming This Month?

Arkansas Bells sinningia
‘Arkansas Bells’ sinningia

Botanical name: Sinningia ‘Arkansas Bells’

Description: This cross between Sinningia sellovii x Sinningia tubifora was introduced by the late Dr. Jon Lindstrom of the University of Arkansas. It forms a 3’ wide clump with thick, fuzzy green leaves and has 3’ tall spikes of pinkishred tubular fowers that bloom from midspring through late summer. Sinningia “Arkansas Bells” is a prolifc blooming machine that hummingbirds love. Plant in full sun to partial shade.

Where to see it: President’s Garden

great blue lobelia in bloom
great blue lobelia

Botanical name: Lobelia siphilitica

Description: Great blue lobelia is a desirable plant for woodland gardens, especially since it blooms bright blue in late summer. This 2-3’ tall native perennial grows best in part shade and consistently moist soils.

Where to see it: Natural Heritage Garden (Cove Forest area) and Schoenike Arboretum

Sharkskin Shoes agave
‘Sharkskin Shoes’ agave

Botanical name: Agave x ‘Sharkskin Shoes’

Description: This stunning hybrid agave is fully hardy in our area. This is a smaller agave, only reaching up to 2’ tall in our experience, making it a great choice for pots or smaller areas There is only one terminal spine on each leaf, with smooth margins. The leaves are thick and triangular in cross section, adding to the striking architectural appearance. Cultural requirements are like other agave varieties, needing excellent drainage and lots of sun.

Where to see it: Desert Garden

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