Projects at the Center

  • BMP studentsThe Center is working to facilitate an increase in technical instruction about stormwater BMPs, aquatic plant management, water quality, landscape best practices and more to targeted audiences looking to get an edge in their industry through certificate achievement. These technical instruction activities may also lay groundwork for expectations of business licenses and local regulation. Most courses are offered in a hybrid fashion, with self-paced online learning, followed by in-field demonstration and connecting with instructurors and experts. Learn more at our Technical Training pages and sign up for our e-news to stay informed of course offerings!

    marshlandsIt has been said that South Carolina plans for everything but water supply. In our quickly growing state, where industry and neighborhoods are increasingly growing and requiring water, planning for water use, population growth, and ecosystem protection needs is critical and requires a state to be proactive. The Center is partnering with the SC Water Resources Center to engage water users and stakeholders across South Carolina in the development of models to aid the next SC State Water Plan. 

  • a riverThe Center is working with university, county, and city partners to solve local bacteria issues in surface waters with microbial source tracking (MST). MST is a broad name for multiple techniques to identify more specifically the source of fecal pollution in streams. Find out if this pilot qPCR program is a fit for your community's water quality problem-solving through partnership with the Center. 

    SC AAS logoCitizen water quality monitoring, operating under an approved Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) with set procedures, equipment, and available resources, has the potential to quickly result in local solutions and repairs to local water quality problems. The creation of a network of volunteers leads to a more aware and involved public undertaking watershed management. Find out about getting yourself trained, your family monitoring a stream each month, your child's high school club, or elementary school. All are welcome to seek training and become involved in the SC Adopt a Stream program.