Monitoring Kit Information

SC Adopt-a-Stream Monitoring Kit Information

  • Your monitoring group can choose to either purchase a kit or assemble it yourself. FRESHWATER monitoring kits are available already assembled for you in partnership with the USC-Upstate Watershed Ecology Center. Kits can be ordered by protocol for one kit, or for all protocols. SALTWATER kits need to be assembled using the Supplies List below. Contact a State Team member for assistance.

  • Given the significant costs of a monitoring kit, there exist agencies, colleges and universities, cities and counties, and non-profit organizations that have kits available for loan to certified SC AAS Volunteers. Many thanks to those entities supporting the collection of more water quality data in South Carolina and our shared river basins.

  • SC AAS wants all of our volunteers to stay safe and healthy! All monitoring should always be completed with gloves. Use gloves in the kit to pick your kit up (dispose of gloves safely), monitor with a new pair of gloves, and return the kit with a third pair of gloves. Please minimize the handling of items in the monitoring kit without gloves. If available to you, mist the kit's contents with disinfectant spray before returning to the loan location.

Locate Kits for Loan

The following map shows supporting organizations and contact information. Just click on the balloon to find more information!

Text version of map

Map shows kits for loan supporting organizations and contact information

Have a Kit for Loan? Enter Contact Information Here!

The following form is our method of inventorying sites that have kits available for certified and active SC AAS Volunteers. The form will update the map above just moments after submittal. Please enter information as you would like for it to be shown, with correct contact information, full address (necessary for mapping), and in a formal and professional manner. Thank you!