The SC Adopt-a-Stream Program

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Welcome to South Carolina Adopt-a-Stream, a new program with growing enthusiasm and membership for the protection of South Carolina's waterways!

South Carolina Adopt-a-Stream (SC AAS) creates a network of watershed stewardship, engagement, and education through involvement. SC AAS volunteers can play an important role in monitoring and tracking water quality while sharing information about local water resources with their communities. In providing baseline information about stream conditions, volunteers, local communities, educators, and local government agencies can partner to protect and restore our waters. 

You do not need to be an environmentalist, fisherman, or scholar to join this effort. All are welcome to find more information, seek training, and add to the knowledgebase of river health in South Carolina!

SC AAS data are collected by trained citizen scientist water quality monitoring volunteers. It is baseline, screening data for educational purposes, and is not used in any regulatory procedures.


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T-shirts are now available for purchase! We now have our very own SC AAS t-shirts so that you can represent while sampling! Please check our Marketplace store for this item, as well as a branded cooler backpack and handbooks. 

Welcome Zach Nemec! Zach has joined Clemson University to help lead the SC Adopt-a-Stream program. He will be working alongside trainers to build out the SC AAS Hub Network, where volunteers can find kits, support, training events, and more. If you are interested, please contact him at

SC Adopt-a-Stream Interested in Expanding Trainer Team! If you would like to join the team of certified SC AAS Trainers in the state and have the qualifications to teach river monitoring, we would like to speak with you further! Please complete the simple form here to tell us more about yourself and your experiences. Thank you!


SC Adopt-a-Stream is operating under an approved QAPP!