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macroinvertebrate tray

SC AAS Information

  • Volunteer Monitors must register in the SC AAS Database to enter sites and data. This  registration presentation has been created to guide you through the registration process. Please email Zach Nemec,, with all database questions and inquiries.
  • SC AAS Kits: Your group can choose to either buy a kit or assemble it yourself. If you wish to purchase an assembled, complete monitoring kit, please contact Beth Button ( ) of USC Upstate.  
  • Visit the SC AAS Marketplace to find full color handbooks, supplies, t-shirts, and more!

SC AAS Data Sheets

  1. Stream Habitat Assessment Data Form
  2. Combined Chemical, Macro, and Bacteria Data Form
  3. Saltwater Data Form 

SC Watershed Atlas - Link and open in new tab

Resources on Southeast Invasive Plant Identification

SC AAS Training Materials

SC Macroinvertebrate Monitoring Resources -

  1. SC AAS Macro Reference Guide
  2. SC DHEC Macro Key
  3. SC DHEC Macro Key - 11x17 2-page print ready version
  4. SC DHEC Macro Dichotomous Key - NEW!
  5. Living to See, Seeing to Learn Macroinvertebrate ID
  6. Aqua Bugs App from Izaak Walton League of America

     Need help identifying a macroinvertebrate? Email an expert from DHEC with photos for additional assistance!

Saltwater Resources Online

Tidal Saltwater Volunteer Monitoring Handbook

Transparency Resources (Secchi disk, transparency tube, and more!)

Turbidity converter chart

Saltwater Shoreline Information and Care